Slieve League Sea Cliffs

Sliabh Liag - Ireland's Ultimate Sea Cliff Experience

These stunning cliffs located just outside Teelin village in South West Donegal rival their more famous and publicised Irish cousins the Cliffs of Moher. They are the tallest marine accessible cliffs in Europe at 600m tall, with a breath-taking sheer drop into the Atlantic.

However, many people find that the drive to the cliffs equally as memorable. This is not a drive for the fainthearted.

Many walkers travel to this site from all over each year to experience the viewing point at One Man’s Pass where you will literally stand on the very edge of Europe.

For an alternative view of these magnificent cliffs you can travel by boat to the base of the rock face. Local boat tours are available from nearby Teelin Harbour.

Slieve League Sea Cliffs
Slieve League Sea Cliffs

Click on the link below to be directed to the Slieve League Sea Cliff website.

Slieve League Sea Cliffs

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