McGill Summer School


The MacGill Summer School has been running in the town of Glenties which is located just 8 kilometres from Edenvale Bed & Breakfast for the last 38 years.  Founded in 1981, the MacGill Summer School commemorates the works, life and times of the celebrated local writer Patrick MacGill. With his books still being published and read today, MacGill’s writings highlight social conditions in his local area in the late 20th Century, the hardship of migrant work through the hiring fairs and his experiences of fighting in World War 1.

The MacGill Summer School uses the format of public debate across topics which span public and economic policy as well as political, social and public service reforms with the purpose of the debates being to stimulate progress through open debate.  Over the years it has come to be recognised as one of the country’s most prominent and influential forums of open debate

Contributors each year include government ministers, members of the opposition, heads of industry, trade union leaders, economists, sociologists, church leaders, members of the judiciary as well as public representatives from Northern Ireland.

The festival also promotes a Cultural Events programme which features recital of music, prose and poetry as well as art exhibitions. An exhibition and sales of rare and antique books with an Irish interest also takes place.

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McGill Summer School 

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